Tropical Storm Karen Memes Already Started To Spread On The Internet.

Tropical Storm Karen, which is moving through the southern islands and could reach Puerto Rico early next week, has triggered the Internet to compile memes that mock the thunderstorm’ name.

“Karen” has now become a synonym of the person of an unkind woman. The meme may have first originated because of her connection to the stupid and popular high school character Karen Smith.

Karen’s meme is also linked to a sideways hairstyle which is “short back and long head” and “ridiculed as portraying mid-age women that are obsessed about complaining to the managers.

Tropical storm Karen sheds rain on the Southern Windward Islands. A memo displays this hairstyle on the storm forecasting cone. The other refers to the cone as “a picture of the growing anger of all those behind Karen, as she argues with the manager because her coupons don’t work.

As good as these memes are, it’s important to know that this is a potentially deadly storm. A tropical storm warning that tropical storm conditions are expected within the next 12 hours is already in effect for St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada and their dependencies, according to the National Hurricane Center.

For Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, there is a tropical storm alert, indicating that tropical storm conditions are generally expected within 48 hours.

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