Spongebob Out of Breath Meme

We got a totally new Spongebob meme for all those who are sick of the world.

When you barely get out of a awkward conversation

Tired Spongebob meme suits everyone who feels overwhelmed by life’s daily routine.
It is turning into a viral sensation on Twitter for its amazing relationality.
The screenshot is from ” Nature Pants “, where Evil Patrick meme originally originated.

Me after smelling a bottle and remembering everything i went through last time i drank meme spongebob

There’s a new Spongebob meme for everyone who’s tired with the world

It is called Tired Spongebob, and features a naked Mr. Squarepants, against a coral wall and out of breath.

Me spending 40$ on food vs 40$ on gas

The image comes from “Nature Pants”, an episode of the first season, where Spongebob abandons the luxuries and headaches of modernity and goes to nature to live with the jellyfish, calling himself “Jellybob”.

Introverts when they get back home after being out for 5 minutes

On the meme scene, Patrick is annoyed by the fact that Spongebob has left him and attempts to catch him, as though Spongebob were a true jellyfish. He only avoided being captured for a second and was recovering his breathing.

In his meme environment, Spongebob Out of Breath is used to show he is exhausted after accomplishing a very simple assignment. This always starts with the sentence “me after”.

When you flirting too much and almost end up in a relationship
Girls after doing one upper body exercise
Me after i put the fitted sheet on my bed by myself
Me after passing a large group of men by myself.
Me after pressing "remind me tomorrow" on updates for the 5th time this week.
Me after running up a flight of stairs and trying not to look out of breath
Me after my 50minute class i spent entirely in my phone.
Me after socializing for more then 10mins
Me, after i have traced a character to make it more "HD".

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