Short Keanu Memes – Most Hilarious Mini Keanu Reeves Jokes

All over the internet, Keanu Reeves memes are popping up. The E3 debut, a dramatic past, and popular roles in films like John Wick have earned Keanu Reeves the rank of a wholesome hero, particularly on the web. Memes have an image of the actor portrayed which makes him appear remarkably tiny, is being used in very humorous ways.

mini keanu memes

Origin of Mini Keanu Memes

The Mini Keanu Reeves, aka Midget Keanu Reeves and Short Keanu Reeves, is a reference to a picture of Keanu Reeves still from the 2019 E3 Cyberpunk 2077 presentation, enacted in order a disproportionately short actor appears. The image has been circulated online as a blurry picture that can be used as an exploitable image.


During the following weeks, a number of reposts from the image surfaced on Twitter, 4chan and then on Reddit. An anonymous 4chan member uploaded the photo with a subtitle referring to My Turn on the Xbox meme, on June 10, 2019. The Redditor members named illufixe published the picture in the subreddit /r/blursedimages on 11 June 2019, yielding more than 1300 upvotes in a week.

A Breathtaking subtitle version of the image was uploaded by Twitter user @Thaddeus_Hamlet on June 10th.

mini keanu solar system and planets meme

me as a kid with my dad

me showing my mom the drawing of my self

short keanu reeve meme

mini keanu february month short

me and my dad tiny keanu meme

short keanu memes

me and my mom

dad working with lego and i holding the instruction mini keanu

mini keanu

mini keanu

my mom and the doctor with me like mini keanu meme

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