Rees Mogg Memes Lying Down

An image of Jacob Rees-Mogg lying down along the front bench during a historic Brexit debate has instantly become an internet meme.

An image, shared by Anna Turley from the opposition benches, where it shows Rees Moog slouching quickly went viral and his actions were widely criticised.

Below you may find some of the top memes or Rees Moog action of today:

Rees Mogg meme on simpsons couch
Rees Mogg goverment majority meme going down
Mogg laying down on a bar
Rees Mogg sleeping and holding a beer with sign "I love Boris" meme
market going down Rees Mogg meme
Rees Mogg Beatles meme
Rees Mogg No Friends meme
Rees Mogg slouching on a street, police arresting drunk people on a side meme
Jacob Rees-Mogg lying down meme with God.
Rees-Mogg as an ikea furniture meme.
Rees-Mogg slouching meme
Rees-Mogg lying down on a broken toilet meme.

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