Mike Wazowski Sully Face Swap Meme

There’s a current meme that might make you feel nostalgic. The Mike Wazowski Meme face comes from Pixar’s 2002 film Monsters Inc. and features a face swap between James P. “Sulley” Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, resulting in a funny but familiar image.

The fun seems to have started on July 15, 2019, when the Sulley Core Facebook page uploaded a picture that switched the faces of Mike and Sulley according to the Know Your Meme website. The rather harmless facewap posting must have hit a nostalgic nerve, as it quickly triggered over 1,100 likes and over 6,800 shares.

The Facebook post looked quite awesome, when the face became a meme, stretching over Twitter and Reddit, when people used the resulting facial expressions to express various emotions, mostly of kind resignation. According to Know Your Meme, the first people to start distributing the new meme were on Spanish-speaking Twitter, probably started by Twitter members @Spotymeme

From then on the response meme started to spread through the social media and Reddit, with a new version published by Sulley that only made Mike appear stoical and philosophical. From then on, the clever minds behind the silliest, darkest and funniest memes on the Internet were absent, turning a facial expression of a childhood memory into a visual punch line:

boring face meme
oh not again face
iphone meme
Mike Wazowski Sully Face Swap Meme
boring face
stoned face
Shrek swapped with Sully Face Meme
ok face

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