Lightning Mcqueen Memes – Kerchoo, I am Speed

A lot of memes are quotes of Lightning McQueen from the 2006 Disney and Pixar Cars film, like Kerchoo and I am Speed that have been spread in 2016 on Facebook, iFunny and Reddit as an ironic punchline on picture macros.

When you walk so fast the automatic doors don't open and you slam into them. I am speed

I Am Speed Memes

I Am Speed is a quote by Lightning McQueen from the Cars movie franchise as a way to boost confidence while racing. The film shot is often used as the background for a series of memes popularized in Reddit.

Kerchoo Memes

The word “Kerchoo” is a deliberately deteriorated twist of “Ka-Chow”, featuring a photograph of “Lightning McQueen”.

When you try your best and it still isn't enough. kerchoo

As of September 17, 2016, the Tumblr user uploaded the earliest known iteration of Kerchoo above the “Kootchow” subtitle. It received over 200 ratings.

how to start conversation with a girls meme . kachow

In late August, Instagram user published a picture counseling guys on how they should initiate a chat with a girl by using “Kachow” on a post that gained over 1,255 likes. A Twitter account reposted the joke as a tweet on August 25 and got more than 4,200 retweets and 6,300 likes on the 12th of October 2016. Over the course of September, Kerchoo Memes have become mainstream on iFunny[6] and Reddit.

when you had 4 bowls for breakfast but only 1 was cereal. kerchoo

When the test says 40 min, but you eat it in 5. I am kerchoo.

When the box says 8-10 years, but you eat all the legos in an hour. I am speed

lighting mcmeth.

Lighting Mcqueen started vaping.

kercho meme

five year old me coming up to go to my mothers room at 09:00 pm.

This is your face when your parents kiss in front of you meme.

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