James gunn doesn’t expect to direct any more galaxy guardian movies after the trilogy is over.

Director James Gunn apparently confirmed that he only has one more film left of Guardians of the Galaxy in Marvel’s Cinematographic Universe.

In an Instagram publication, a fan asked James Gunn how many Guardians of the Galaxy films he still has to direct, to which Gunn replied “1 more”.

james gunn response on instagram

Time for a break
Not surprisingly, Gunn isn’t interested in directing more Guardians of the Galaxy films now that he’s also working with DC on The Suicide Squad.

Working for both studios must be a daunting and exhausting task, so no one can blame the filmmaker for wanting to step back. Beyond that, Gunn has been part of the Guardians of the Galaxy films for over half a decade, and it might be time to let them go.

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