iPhone 11 Memes – Apple’s newest smartphone started a lot of funny jokes.

Today, Apple announced their latest iPhone at keynote. Biggest difference between this and previous iPhones, it is cameras placement.
They revealed that device will have a longer battery life has more cameras and sensors.
This new design have three camera lenses, contrary to one that iPhone X had. This unique design sparked a lot of memes.

Some of these funny jokes compares the new iPhone to stoves and use it to cook food.
These are the best new iPhone 11 memes:

cooking food on iPhone 11 meme
iPhone 11 similar to dominos meme
very expensive iPhone 11 meme
iPhone 11 similar to fidget spinner
meet new the iPhone
iPhone 11 anime memes
iPhone 11 pikachu meme
shaving machine iPhone 11 meme
iPhone 15 on year 2023
expensive iPhone 11 funny meme
shaving machine iPhone 11 pro from apple
iPhone 11 also works as stove
when you can't afford iPhone 11

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