Gardner Minshew of Jacksonville Jaguars most hilarious memes.

Gardner Minshew was already very famous before this Thursday night.

After throwing two touchdown assists and generally looked like a quarterback, the Jacksonville Jaguars were unaware that they were after Nick Foles when they were signing the $88 Million 4-year contract for the Super Bowl winner? The excitement is at its height after having led his team to its first victory in 2019.

There was lots of memes for Minshew’s dad, Flint, for being so excited to watch his son. However, there were also a lot of those of Minshew himself, with many comparisons to characters from Napoleon Dynamite, Uncle Rico and Dodgeball.

Comparison between Gardner Minshew and Uncle Rico of Napoleon Dynamite

Gardner Minshew comparison with Uncle Rico
Gardner Minshew is just a successful Uncle Rico
Gardner Minshew dad meme
Minshew White Goodman comparison meme
spider man rico minshew
White Goodman

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