Funny Broken Ankle Memes

Broken Ankles are one of the most common fractures of the lower limb, especially in older women and young men. We don’t wish this incident to occur to anyone, but we compiled a list of best memes that describes days with a broken ankle.

It is usually treated surgically or non-surgically, followed by a period of immobilization to prevent complications such as faulty healing. Because of the fracture and the subsequent immobilization period, patients often experience pain, stiffness, weakness, and swelling in the ankle area, and a reduced ability to participate in activities. This review looked at the evidence on the effects of different rehabilitation interventions for these fractures.

Rehabilitation of a broken ankle may begin shortly after treatment (surgical or non-surgical) of the fracture using different types of immobilization that allow the early onset of weight lifting or exercise. Alternatively, rehabilitation, including the use of physical therapy or manual therapies, may begin after the period of immobilization.

So here are top memes of weak broken ankles:

Broken ankles due to rollers
I Don't always break my ankle, but when i do, it hurts to much.
Ain't nobody got time fo dat!
Singing a song about the broken ankle.
Parents advise about broken ankles meme.
I don't fall often, but when i do, i fracture my foot in 2 places.
Goes skateboarding, gets a broken ankle.
Not sure if sore from playing basketball, or broken ankle.
I broke my ankles, falling for you.
The amazing adventures of broken leg guy!

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