Famous Quotes About Fathers

We want to give you some ideas, so you can dedicate a few words to your father.

Whether you want to write them on a card, or you want to share them with him on their social networks or through Whats App, here are some of the best quotes on fatherhood:

  1. “A good father is worth a hundred teachers.”
  2. Some people don’t believe in heroes but they haven’t met my dad.
  3. The father should be the best friend, the confidant, not the dictator of his kids.
  4. The best inheritance from a father to his children is a piece of his time every passing day.
  5. There are four ages in man’s life: – the one when he believes in Santa Claus; – the one when he no longer believes in Santa Claus; – the one when he is Santa Claus; – the one when he looks like Santa Claus.
  6. A father’s love is higher than the mountain. A mother’s love is deeper than the ocean.
  7. In the next life, Dad, I’d like to take you back as a father.
  8. It is easier for a father to have a son than for a child to have a good father.
  9. The father who does not teach his son his duties is as guilty as the son if he neglects them.
  10. We know the value of salt when it is gone, and that of a father after his death.
  11. A father is not the one who gives life, it would be too easy, a father is the one who gives love.
  12. One of the greatest mysteries of life is to understand how the boy who was not worthy to marry your daughter could become the father of the most beautiful grand-daughter in the world.
  13. It is better to have a bald father than none.
  14. In prosperity, we need a father; in adversity, we need a mother.
  15. Everything can be bought, except a mum and dad.
  16. From a virtuous father are usually born virtuous children.
  17. A father provides for ten children, but ten children on the other hand do not provide for a father.
  18. To succeed in life, a man must be a father.
  19. Whoever follows in his father’s footsteps learns to walk like him.
  20. Ignore your friend rather than neglecting your father’s friend.

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