Dolly Parton Tattoos – The Reason Behind Them

According to Dolly Parton, her tattoos are by no means meant to serve as a declaration, although anyone who saw them is saying they are indeed a declaration.

dolly parton tattoo

Dolly Parton Tattoos are used to cover her scars.

A number of actresses/ comedians disclose that her tattoos were plentiful and gorgeous. The performer claims she is tattooed due to a very particular and uncommon purpose: to hide scars! Usually, she covers her arms with sleeves or by wearing a tank top.

on her arm dolly parton's tattoos

Her tattoos and the associated gossip are the subject of The Secret History of Country Music Episode this week. Their whereabouts, how many of them are there and why is she keeping them a secret?

dolly parton tattoos on the arm, she covers with sleeve or tank top

It was Jay Leno the first one to pull Parton’s cloth and unveil a hidden tattoo, but ever since she spoke about her history of tattoos in dozens of interviews, providing a convincing and conclusive answer to Larry King when a UK comedian published a memory that shed the secret. As can be seen, one cannot count on people who talk in public for private matters.

dolly parton wearing a red dress and smiling

Thankfully, in 2019 a couple of tattoos are standard – nearly expected!

tattoo of dolly parton on someones hand.

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