Deez Nuts Memes – Best of Deez Nuts Jokes

It was introduced originally in the 1992 rap album of Dr. Dre, Chronic, as a skit track, the joke caught a massive comeback after it was featured in a short comic sketch by Internet comedian WelvenDaGreat at the beginning of 2015.

Deez Nuts is the backline of a talk-jokes involving making a question to a person with vagrant phrases to request a follow-up in response to a question, characteristically in the shape of one of five Ws, before you yell the line in an annoying voice.

Deez Nuts John Kennedy speech

Increase of Popularity of Deez Nuts Memes

In March the 24th, 2015, YouTuber Javalicius uploaded a longer edition version of the WelvenDaGreat footage, grabbing over 490,000 views and 290 comments during the next 3 weeks.

American Presidential Election for 2016

The CBS News announced that an independent-run man called Deez Nuts had filed a statement for candidacy with the Federal Electoral Commission at the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary on July 28th, 2015.

Inserting a deez nuts joke into something as serious as a presidential election brought this line to the attention of the general public, and its usage on memes has been consistent ever since.

Deez Nuts originating from aliens

deez nuts dad joke

Deez Nuts, Ha got em!

I cant't give you my heart, you can hold deez nuts.

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