Best Memes of New England Patriots Letting Antonio Brown Go.

Apparently Antonio Brown is no longer welcome in the NFL, including with the New England Patriots, and the memes creators rushed to laugh at the situation.

Perhaps this is no longer amusing. The Patriots cut Brown off between the charges against him. It appears that the latest turn of events was the final straw. The story that Brown had texted the woman about sexual misbehavior was simply too much for Patriots.

It was a short-lived honeymoon both for Brown and the Pats. A match, a week-and-a-half of training, that’s all there is to it. Then the agreement is rescinded, again. Now what about the money? The Patriots are most likely free and clear. Very little of the potential $15 million Brown could have received in 2019 will actually be paid.

So Brown has turned into a unwelcome person with all three organizations. Two are probably very happy to witness his downward spiral (Raiders & Steelers). Albeit if all juridical things are sorted out in his favor, seeing one team take another, expensive, opportunity in this super talented but problematic receiver seems less and less likely every second.

Antonio Brown sign contract with Mcdonald's
choosing between Superbowl and girls
Antonio Brown contract anddd he's gone
raiders fans celebrating meme
Antonio brown spotted leaving Boston
Antonio Brown begging for money on street.
Iconic rivalry.
first player in NFL history to have his jersey in 3 different team at the same time.
Wanna play catch?

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