Best Jalen Ramsey Memes

In recent days, the thought of agreeing for Jalen Ramsey is becoming more than just a luxury and a necessity for the Eagles. Twitter and internet started to buzz from memes, to welcome Ramsey at his new team.

Jalen Ramsey Memes

After a major victory on Thursday evening, the Eagles stand 2-2 and are hoping to enter a major play-off race, while four of their top 5 corners are wounded. It so happens that the best player in the trade pack is a 24-year-old All-Pro cornerback looking to leave Jacksonville.

The link here is pretty clear. The Eagles badly need a closing corner. Ramsey is a closing corner, who have asked for an exchange. So I see that the majority of the Eagles supporters have been calling for it for the past few weeks.

Also Howie Roseman is absolutely never embarrassed to cut a deal.

In reality, Roseman made a significant deal in each of the last two years. In 2017, Roseman traded for Jay Ajayi. In 2018, he negotiated for Golden Tate.

On Friday evening, Eagles trainer Doug Pederson has been asked if he believes his dressing room culture is powerful enough to withstand a move by a leading player.

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